league of legends snowdown showdown 2014

This year snowdown showdown offers a new gamemode,icons,poro skins, ward skins, and almost all other snowdown skins.

5 new poro skins

5 new poro skins

Riot has made icons that can be brought now that lets you in the new gamemode change how your poros look in this gamemode. the 5 are dragon slayer, gentalman, battlecast, shadow idles, and astronaut. These icons cost 250 and come with a free skin for this gamemode and maybe they can be used next year. This is truely a poro x-mas.

the king is won thought the gamemode

the king is won thought the gamemode


This new gamemode issdadashjj

This new gamemode has the player play on aram ban 3 champs pick there and then toss poros at each other. when tossing a poro laning it get your team a point and laning 10 summons the poro king. When a poro lands you can press the summoner spell you have it on to go to them giving every one a lee sin q. This gamemode got old but its preety fun. i think this is a preety good gamemode( if katerina wasn’t in the game) but its a nice calm thing to play as the preseason ends.


Lastly these new ward skins are in the store and 3 more are on the way and are only availble till 1/2/15. Have fun this snowdown.


Kayle Guide

Kayle is an ap champion who is able to bully, waveclear, and roam ast across the map. Kayle is played ap and can has great dueling all game. This champ is very fexable and can be a stronge pick in most comps. Very simple kit but a very high skillcap to use these skills for max dps. Kayle scales well with ap and attack speed and magic pen making her have very high dps with her nature aoe and built in magic pen. Now Kayle can be played in a solo lane(mid or top) or be played in the jungle with her wave clear. I will go over over her jungle root later on in this guide but for now lets go over her skills.


Kayle’s passive is holy fever which on hit Kayle’s auto attacks will lower her targets magic resist with ever auto attack stacking up o 5 times giving her very stronge duling all game because the longer the fight the more dps she will do. Kayle also only auto attack so its not a problem for her to use this passive at anytime.

Kayle’s q Reckoning lets Kayle click on a target and fire a holy light slowing them and dealing magic damage. This does proke your passive but helps you get in range for your auto attack that will let you kill them or be be able to make your great escape. In laning this will be how your get away from ganks or how you will be able to chase a kill. In the jungle use this skill is how you gank as the slow is stronge and will last a while. This skills has low dps and is only used for the slow so i max it last.


Kayle’s w is divine blessing which lets Kayle heal herself or a target giving them movespeed based on her ap. This skill with your q lets you run from a gank and with its movespeed gives you great roaming power. Again a high poke team your heal will keep your team alive as well. In the jungle this spell lets you sustain if your bad at clearing the jungle camps if you cant kit them it also gives movespeed lets you gank fast and gives you a gap closer. In lane with low mana cost you can just use this skill so much and just out sustain most laner in solo lanes. this also lets you gank after you done your buffs if your good at kiting them. Max this second the utility of this skill is to good.

Kayle’s e is righteous fury which turns Kayle auto attack into range for a short time. This is your bread and butter this is why Kayle is so good. This skill last a long time and there is a point when you get enough cdr that this spell last longer than its cooldown letting you stay range. this skill lets you use your passive and lets your auto attack have bonus magic damage on them and aoe that will also give anyone in it the debuff that your passive give to foes. This also lets you push down tower fast because of your bonus magic damage. In lane use this skill to bully because just hitting them will let you let you do more damage than they can deal with your passive magic pen going to work. If your laner goes to farm just hit them or the minion they will still be hurt thank to your aoe and magic pen debuff making Kayle a stronge dueler all game. In the jungle this skill will let you kit camp avoiding some or most damage ad will clear camp super fast. I max this skill first and take it first being very core to kayle’s kit.

Kayle’s ultimate is Intervention which lets you shield a friendly target for up to 3 seconds to make them take no damage for the whole duration. This let kayle as a jungler give very high pressure because this skill gives free tower dives for her team. You heal and ult let you do some cool plays. You ultimate ca also e sed to block a fatal blow which could led to an outplay. In teamfight if you ult your adc at the right time the fight is won making kayle very important to the team so stay alive to keep other alive. This spell cd is also vey low and is free to cast.

Laning: in a solo lane like mid or top you want to play like a bully espially if they are not ranged you can punish them early and try to stop them from snowballing and roaming. Use your e to farm and when people get to close hit them. When getting gank slow who ever has more hard cc and then heal yourself granting movespeed to your self and if it is needed ultimate yourself to get out.Wne roaming slow your foe down speed up yourself or if your buddy has hard cc speed them up tehn go to town with your let yourself or your buddy tower dive with ther ult. Its really ez and fun because roaming with kayle is super fast with her movespeed from her heal. In teamfight you know who to focus can heal those who need it. your not going to need the movespeed. and ult yourself or your carry to try to win the teamfight. put your slow on the target you need o burst down. Kayle can also split from the team do to her great dueling and can push waves really fast thanks to her aoe and her attack speed.
Jungle: Kayle can be played in the jungle and i see more and more laying this stronge pick with this new harder jungle. kayle can do her first rotation with out a problem and build trailblazer to help clear fast and gets the ff like item to get more agic damage on hit with her ranged auto attacks. This item also grant kayle tons of attack speed making her have a very good clear in the jungle. On blue side i start golems smite it, go to red buff, go to blue buff smite it and back. On red side i do blue buff, smite it, do wolfs, and then go to my red. I like strt with my bot lane to get a good lease but if your not getting one start red and smite it for the free sustain. I back after the first 3 camps and try to gank if i cant farm up and ward up. Go into the enemy jungle as there very little mr right now and at level 3 you have stronge dueling. If you cant gank just farm up till 6 for easy tower dives ganks. kayles ultimate lets her create so much pressure as tower dives are easy to do with her and with her burst and cc she is a very stronge jungler and i fell we will see more of her as season 5 goes on.

For a build i go dorans ring first then 2 health pots. Then i push nashorstooth which gives me attack speed, cdr, and ap all are core to kayle. Then i get magic pen bots but attack speed shoes aren’t bad. Then if im ahead go get a deathcap, void staff, and hour glass, then i get GA. If im behind i get hourglass first or if they running a very stronge ad comp.

For jungle bild i get trailblazer and get the devourer enchantment get get more damage on my auto attack to give me more damage and dueling as the game goes on. i then build all the same item but not GA.

Thanks for reading my kayle guide hope this helps.Kayle-Classic

Braum Guide


Its time i start writing about my main role support and Braum is in my opinion one of the best for this job. Braum has a lot of cc and scales well with Hp, mr, armor, Movespeed, and cdr. Braum is great grouping with his team and offers good objective control and can punish those who try to contest these objectives with his slows and suns. Braum also has some of the best peeling in the game just tanking auto attack for the carry and can have a game changing ultimate. Now lets move on to his skills.

BR-SSdsb-ssbm1The Mighty Banner V2,3

First off Braums passive:Concussive blows. When ever Braum auto attacks a foe he puts a stack of Concussive blows on them. If he continuous to hit them after 4 hits the flow will get stunned leaving it easy to make plays with Braum’s with this stun in the bot lane because once you put one stack on somebody your adc can also do his part and attack the foe with the first stack and add on to it. In other words Braum can auto attack first and then adc can help you out in getting off the rest of the stacks with there auto attacks. Once the stacks are popped bonus magic damage is dealt. Also this stun can’t be chained. after they are stunned you cant put a stack on them till after 8 seconds.

Braum’s q is Winter’s bite letting Braum fire a skillshot that on hit it slows dealing magic damage based on Braum’s max health to the foe. Also when this spell hit a stack of concussive blows is put on them making braum be to chase down foes being making him feel like this champ can be play in two styles peeling the carry or chasing down foes to et kills. This skill slowing can make it easy for the adc to get to the marked foe and hit to try and get your passive off. This skill also has a very low cooldown but early game have high mana cost so use at your will. This skill is core to your kit so try not to miss the q that counts. I max this skill first do to the lower to cd the better chance of getting your passive off.
Braum’s w is Stand Behind Me letting Braum jump to an friend or minion granting them armor and mr based on a percent of his. This also can be used on your self granting you armor and mr if you cant jump to anything. This skill lets you be unpredictable and should be use to jump onto something and use q to attempt to chase someone down with a surprise attack which Braum is very good at doing. With your next skill the skill becomes even better. Max this skill after your q

Braum’s e Unbreakable lets Braum block 1 projectile doing no damage to him. While this shield is still raised Braum will will not let other projectile like auto attacks and skillshots pass though him and will take less damage while this shield is up. Braum can also cast his other spells while his shield is up letting Braum use his w while is e is up to help his allie from getting hurt. While chasing or being chased Braum can cast his q to slow his foes down while having his shield out to protect his friends as they make there getaway. Now this skill does not block aoe spells for your friends but you will get the blocked damage for yourself. Spells that have aoe are the key to breaking braum’s unbreakable defence so people like Ziggs, Xerath, and in some cases Jayce can break him. This spell also grants braum a tiny bit of movespeed and unit collision

Lastly Braum’s ultimate Glacial Fissure lets braum sent out a long range sloe that deal a little bit of magic damag and slows the ground cutting of foes escape or being use to low down people who chase your team. foes near braum will also et knocked up and if there i no one hit with the knock up if the skillshot hits somebody they will be knocked up and no one else can be knocked up. This ult offers a lot of peel and can turnaround a fight thanks to is crazy knock up and cc braum brings to a fight. Also you big shield protects you carrys and you become so tank that even if you die the fight should be won.

Build: For Braum i like to start with a relic shield, health pot and ward. I take relic shield do to Braum getting damage for building hp and this also gives braum hp to start tank hits beacse as Braum you want to block damage for your adc. Also relic shield’s passive is very nice giving me money and healing my adc at the same time. On my first back i like to upgrade my relic shield to let me get tanky and be able to use my passive more i buy some wars or lane and when i can next time buy sightstone then finish my relic shield to make face of the mountain. Then i like to get boots of mobility to let e roam around the map fast to chase people down or to run around to place my wards to grant vision for my team. After this your build become situation depending on the team your fighting and who is fed. If they have a lot of magic damage get a locket to give mr to your team and a aoe shield, or if they have alot of ad froze heart or omen is good(if your team has one of these items but the other). If your team has a lot of ad damage or zeke’s herald will grant your team more lifesteal + cdr. With alot of c on there team a banish viel may also be a good pick. he key to building support is getting max crd but be able to peel by having all these item that grant passives for your team.

Braum works well will people ca dive with him and have alot of attack speed to give off his passive. Aatrox can dive with him, Yasuo enjoys Braum’s aoe knock up, ww and help braum lock down targets, Jinx has alot of attack speed to get braum’s stun out, Vayne has alot of attack speed, lucian passive puts 2 stack of braums passive. You get the item Hard cc+ attack speed work very well with Braum’s kit.

Counters to braum. Leona can got though and cast spells over Braums shield, Ziggs ad Xerath have alot of aoe that braumcan not block, zyra ultimate is very good for breaking braum’s teamfight. Azir can stop Braum for helping his team chase down foes.

Thanks for reading my Braum guide hope this makes more player better with Braum

Lucian guide

Lucian is an adc that is a really stronge pick right now with his kit being everything you could ever want. Lucian can position himself in fights without trouble and his very high dps because of his passive.



Lucian’s passive Lightslinger lets him fire 2 shots at once after he has casted one of his spells. The second shot does half Lucians ad( nerf coming will make this shot do 30/40/50% of his ad as he levels up) and can poke life steal, crit, and on hit effects. This pssive is core in his combos and how you play him in lane.
Lucian’s q Piercing Light lets Lucian fire a shot that goes through targets. This shot is fired very fast and making yourself a strong dueler outside of lane and a bully in your lane. This spell scales off ad and is used to bully your laner with its short cd and it low cost. This pokes your passive so use your double shots from Lightslinger to farm or to bully the other adc. This skill scales off ad and should be maxed first do to it being core on Lucian’s dueling.
Lucian’s w Ardent Blaze lets lucian throw out a star like skill shot that when an enemy it hit it deal magic damage and on hit grants lucian movespeed buff run after a kill. This skill should be maxed last because this skill scales off ap and does very little damage. Take a point in it just to throw it out to use your passive. This skill can also be used to push down objectives like towers. When your near a tower just use this skill to get your passive to try and push down the tower.

Befour his rework the good old days

Befour his rework the good old days

Lucian’s e Relentless Pursuit lets Lucian dash to kite his foes or escape danger by dashing through walls. This skill is very core to Lucian’s kit. this dash cool down goes down faster the more times you use your passive. This skill could have a ten second cd but using your w and q to use your passive takes this down to 6 seconds plus the time it takes to just the skills so your dash just keeps coming back. When this skill gets maxed out this skill will cost no man so max it second. This skill give lucian a lot of mobility and makes him a very safe and strong kit.
not even the cops can get lucain

not even the cops can get lucain

Lucian’s r his ultimate The culling lets Lucian fire a wave of bullets based on his attack speed as a skill shot chipping don’t a champ o a wave of minion. this skill can be stopped early to go back to auto attacking. this skill is used at the end of your combo due to this skill being more of an execution but this skill can be used to kite as you dash back for safety and just fire your shots to kite them and by time to turn around this fight. This skill has a short cooldown and is very strong but not as strong as other ultimates other adc have.


For my build I like to get cdr, ad, crit, and lifesteal on lucian giving a lot of burst damage and ways to spam my spells to get the highest dps as i can. Lucian is very safe in lane so getting to this late game build is no problem. i like to start my build witha doran’s blade and a health pot like any other adc. Rush IE to get the crit and burst damage you need. Then i like to get ghost blade. This item gives more chances to crit and some early armor pen to be able to teamfight faster than other adcs. Ghostblade also gives me cdr which is core to my build. more cdr more dashes more dps. Then i get cdr to give me that 30% cdr so al i need is a blue to get max dashes making me super strong due to my high dps. Then i like to get bloodthrister to get some sustain and protection for when these big fights happen. Then i get last whisper which this item lets me melt anyone with all this crit i have. then i get GA so even if i die i get a second shot( get it cause my passive gives me 2 shots…)



In teamfights stay safe. To win make sure you focus the right people using your dashes to stay safe and pick up kills when you can. You dash is everything now. Position as Lucian is easy and is key to winning fights. use the culling to poke the foes or pick up an easy kill. never cull in the middle of a team fight your auto attacks have a higher dps. if you need to leave use the culling to kite your way out. Lucain in the bot lane goes well with adc with much burst and cc. Leona, Braum, Thresh, Nami are all really good with him. Leona because of her passive burst and lockdown and bully ppower. braum because of his passive and lucains double shot making it easy to stun fast in fight down bot. Thresh is a god with the hok and lanturns. Nami lets you have good team fight while being really passive in lane.

Hope you enjoy my Lucian guide thanks for reading

For senna....

For Senna….

Favorite skins in league of legends

In league there are a lot of skins. there are more skins than champs and some of these ideas are so cool i just have to buy them. Here are some of my favorite skins in league of legends that i own.

5) Riot Blitzcrank: Blitzcrank is so fun and with this skin become an officer of the law is just to dumb to pass up. Heres the picture. Your in the bot lane with your support. you see there adc running after you and think its a 2 v 1 we can win but then you here a but then you hear a police siren and out of the bush you where chasing the adc comes blitz ready to grab you and land the hook. He ults you silence you attempt to escape and said “you have the right to remain silence(not in game)” as you die you think what a troll champ. He is a troll champ you right and with this skin hes even troller if thats possible. this skin also isn’t always up in the store so just being an owner of it is great for a support main like me.

4) Corki is my favorite adc to play. This skin was gotten in a bundle for me and i feel in love with his champ. This skin just throws out fire works and with corki’s quotes and spells i just love playing this champ. This skins makes ever shot a in home fireworks show. getting a kill is a celebration and everything pops out at me like.I really enjoy that champ overall and being my favorite adc i think this skin will always holp a good place when im doe with this game.


3) Panda Annie: ok i got a taste for fire and Annie still is one of my favorite champs. Over my play time in league this champ being one of first champs i played and the first one i mastered from support to mid i always loved this champ. As soon as this skin when on sale it was the first skin i got. I loved it sending a pand out to 100 to 0 anyone. and the sight changes to my spells looked ok. This isnt the best looking skin but i really have a history with this skin and this makes it one my favorites.


2) super galaxy rumble: One work “worth” THIS SKIN IS THE BOMB. I love this skin. all his quotes a teamsong when he recalls just make this skin over the top. When i first get into a game everyone of my friends say WTF is that sound and its just me spawning in and its so funny. This skin got a new taunts that make me look so swag. I was gifted this skin and it brings me so much joy to play rumble. Rumble is so fun and this skin even add more fun. He talks about everything he does and the flames just make this skin look good and stronge. Rumble gets the job done while looking swag. deal with it

1 CHAMPIONSHIP THRESH!!!!!!: Thresh is my favorite champ in this game. Throw the chain lane, land the hook, win the lane, by the book. When this skin champ out i was crying i never through i would be able to by this skin. The soul i gain from battle are blue. My landurn poors out blue power. My chain is blue. My box has blue souls pooring out of it people cant escape me fearing the hook and skin. I was already good with thresh now i look the role. This skin is limited time and it so worth it. Every thresh main needs this.

Veigar guide

Veigar the tin master of evil is played in the mid lane as a burst ap mage. What Veigar lacks is mobility comparing him to to other mages but makes up in raw and almost unlimited power do to his kit being able to take people off the map.

Veigar's skils not this is his finalboss skin

Veigar’s skills in his finalboss skin

Veigars passive is for every 1% of mana missing he regens that 1%. This passive lets Veigar get some sustain at early levels but i fell falls off later in the game compared to other passive mages have.
Veigar’s q is a point and click spell that lets him a shot of magi hit his foe doing magic damage. This skill has a passive that if a foe is killed by any of Veigar’s spell he will get up to (depending on the spells rank) 5ap. If he is in lane if he kills minions of monster with this spell he get 1ap for each united he kills with q. Max this spell first to brust very early from veigar and try to power up for the late game while in lane. Use this passively in lane to poke down your laner.

Veigar’s next skill w lets help send out dark matter from the sky and choose where it lanes. This is a tiny skillshot that takes time to fall so use this skill to wave clear or to surprise your laner. This skill takes a second to fall and people can see the skill shadow when it is about to fall so this skill is hard to lane dont spam it wait for your next spell we will learn about and use it in this combo. i max this skill last because of the time it takes to lane not always being the thing that saves me.
Veigar’s next skill e lets him put a box on or around the foe. if they are hit by the wall they (t max rank) will e stunned for 2 seconds. This skill makes Veigar ale to get close and land all his spells to burst someone down fast with no worry. this skill shoud be used to escape or start of fight. This spell gives veigar dueling and lets him 100 to 0 people so max this skill second.

Veigar’s ultimate is a stronger version of his q. You point and click on a target and it just does more ap than the q. But this skill not only having high base damage and scaling it also does 80% f your targets ap as magic damage to give you even more power. This lets you just nuke people late game. Very few can take Veigars damage and your job is to make it to the late game in order to scale well and nuke everything.



As Veigar play passive in lane. most mages outrange you can early game more ad mids have alot more burst than you. Try to poke went you can and farm with your q and autos. once your level 6 use your spells in this order e>r>w>q to give you the highest dps and the fastest amount of time. For items rush dfg and get tear and magic pen boots. this is your core. if your ahead now rush deathcap but if your behind get hourglass and then build void staff then build your tear into Archangel’s Staff to gain a shield when you need it.


Veigar needs to play passive and safe in order to nuke people latter on in the game. play your early game safe until you have dfg or know that your ult will be able to get you kills in your e>r>w>q combo. Just farm with your autos and q and never push the wave. you are an easy target for the jungler to gank with only a stun to escape. Do not spam your spells you have very little mana regen early and you need to hold mana for your nuking combo. with a ad mid your match up wil be hard but if they have little poke try to poke them with your autos to punish them and lower there hp to just NUKE them at 6. for ap mids you can win. the more ap they have the more your ultimate does use this to your advantage when your behind there casters. You dont have to win lane but dont let to go so easy.c5fa3fb8beb992ce69e80d9198988ae6-d5royav

Veigar was the first champ i ever played in this game and he always be fun to play.

thanks for reading

thanks for reading