Social justice

Social justice is the idea of people writing about idea that could and are debited in our world. Idea like civil rights, laws, racism, self defense are a few of these. All of these topic are written and talk about to see if they are moral or not. These topic are stay for awhile or cleave and then come back and are reevaluated. These topic are talked about politcaly and nonpolicatly and anyone is right. Its all about ones morals and there right from wrong point of view. While being very easy to write about these are important topics that could impact our world and how we live it.


Champs that need a rework

This year riot has giving many champs a whole new look and a few lucky ones a new play style or overall buff that can be use better in the meta of league of legends is on right now. A few champs in this game to me feel underpower and almost never used and the idea for these champs are just dumb so i think for season 5 riot should work on these champs to rework into more modern day kits.

5) Zac is one of the few ap jungler in league of legends and has been having a really hard time getting some play time due to other junglers just doing the job better. Zac has very good clear time and sutain in the jungle and being able to start fights with his aoe attacks and all the cc that he can offer. NOw what makes himself very stronge is his passive that lets him after he dies slipt up into 4 little slimes and try to regroup to reborn zac. This makes zac a jungler who can dive really early in the game having bing impacts early game but falls off really hard in the late game. Zac cant one v one anyone . Zac also need a few items in order to become really good. I can also see him being a top laner do to his passive letting him gain health from slimes that drop after he cast a spell i fell a rework to his kit is need my giving him some kind of attack that scales of health would be nice and a spell that gave him even a tiny shield of some kind.


4) Sejuani is another jungler on this list with lots of aoe and cc but less than zac i really have nothing positive about this champ. all she does is wait till 6 ults and pra a kill is gotten. Sejuani had lots of aoe but is so slow and can even get close to her targets. This champs is getting very little play and is most likly one of the worst picks in the game. Even zac gets played because he can get his team rolling but this champs can even get herself off the ground. Give this champ some kind of an aoe or normal speed passive of some kind could make her better or just make gain more aoe with spells.


3) Quinn is idea is great but can get easly shut down in lane. She isn’t a bad champ. She has a bind os in a 1 v 1 Quinn can can against most adc and ad champs overall. Its just that Quinn doesn’t have very good scaling or dps. She just has a spell that binds, grant vision, and dash onto a target which can get Quinn in trouble. Make her dash something she can control no doesn’t make herself fly backwards into danger and then fly farther away would be great. Also giving her point vision granting spell a build in passive that can grant Quinn more attack speed or something.. Her ultimate is also pretty good yet dumb. That make you as an adc not range and go into a melee form. I think quinn should grant movespeed and summon her bird so they both can attack kind of like an ad annie

anivia profile

2)Anivia is an very slow ap mage with alot of aoe and cc in her kit. This sounds nice but her spells are very slow and is very mana hungry. Her passive really only gives her a chance of coming back do to her being really needing her team to save her when she dies and goes into egg form. There are also better mages in the game with aoe and must better picks. They really should buff the speed on this champ or give her a spell that grants mana back.


1Galio is a champ with so much good that can not be done due just champing being better than him. HIs whole kit has very little burst so all other mages can out burst him and win 1 v 1. The only good thing i see in this champ is his ult. Being able to taunt every foe in your circle is a free teamfight but getting in the middle of the fight without dieing is the har part. They need to give this champ some kind of pull to make full use of his aoe kit and ult that can change games.

Risk of Rain

ss_9b26bb93397ea5bbb7906950c4ffa0d6e9203f7d.600x338 Look how crazy this is. This game is a very intense permadeath game. This game has you play as one character to beat the game or beat a challenge that unlocks other character or items for you in your next run. The main gimick from this game is a timer. The longer you take the harder this game gets and the more mobs spawn at a greater rate.

There is so mch to unlock in this game just look at this item list.Ss_(2013-11-15_at_12.54.51) All these items work together to help make you stronge and each item has its own different effect. There are some items that seem better than other but all items help you kill things fast. Your goal is collect as many items as you can while you find the teleportal. As soon as you find this teleportal once you start it you must hold out against the boss and foes spawn for 90 secoonds . Then to leave the floor you have to kill all of them. EVerything you kil gives you exp and money. Money is turned into exp when you leave the floor so make sure you use it to get items and drones to max out your dps.
Risk_of_Rain_Quick-Reference_SheetThere are tons of character to try out of all different skills. This game even has gamepad support to make platforming easy on yourself. I have about 4 hours on this game and to me it feels like 2d Isaac with guns and i love it. This game really gets hard at 10 mins with nostop spawn of foes which just start piling up on me. The items really change the game and the 2 character i have really fell different. This game is wroth the 10 dollars on steam



Worst champs to lane with

In league there are just some champs that are just dumb to have to lane with. hey are to tanky, to passive or just a bother to deal with and just ruin the overall fun of this game. In my list i will put one from each lane that i feel are the worst at just doing this. I am not going to use teemo in my list because everyone hates him.e8e01fafd1006db1f2f25f62bb6735a7007b3ab47760bdef1334a387cde4b139

Support: Playing support is very simple and easy. You poke and try to trade while your adc farms up but the other support is trying to do the same. One support Name blitzcrank only need t press one button and its a fight. All blitz does is stays in a brush and wait for someone to step into range and fight. Just by standing still in a bush puts so much presure and fear in out hearts. That one hook will change the ending of the game and its in our mind throught laning till end game. Blitz strikes fear into our hearts and we all hate him.Blitzcrank_Square_0

Adc: just trying o farm in my lane not a care in the world and ten Caitlyn comes to lane and starts shotting me. Her passive is what makes this so bad. Every 7 shots is a free crit and it hurts. She wins trades easy and fast without even trying. And if im low on health is she see me sh locks on and shots a shot that it seem no one else is seeing and im dead. She a really dumb champ because of this passive and she has a huge auto attack range its just dumb.475px-Splash_Classic_Caitlyn

Mid: Fizz is just the worst. He is the bane of this lane. Give this guy one kill and he will snowball his lane. With sheen this guy does so much damage and because of his e spell he jumps on his staff and just stay up there for years not being able to take or be targeted for damage. By level 3 he can just all in anybody and tower dive due to this bs spell. Riot doesnt even nerf him at all. This guy ap scaling is to good for what he can do. Riot plzVoid-Fizz-Splash-Art1

Jungle: There nothing worst than not see it coming . IN the jungle there is a hiddle threat that we all hate. We just walking to our buff and when we walk in box are waiting and a clown wait as you walk in bind and die in seconds. Your like wtf as this dumb champ goes back into the shawdows and starts stealing your jungle monster making you behind. When you try to fight him his boxxs just fear you so you can even attack or run from him. This clown is so troll and so fast and i dont ven know why there isnt a limit to how many boxes can be placed.Shaco-Classic

Top: There are many champs that can be put here but i think Ryze is the worst. This guy is so passive but once he gets a tear he goes ham. All he does is press ll the buttons to do damage,cc you, and lower the cooldown on his spells thx to his passive. This champ need only 1 time and hen when hes 6 he just presses r and wins trade easy because his ult is up every min. Ths champ is so simple and easy that i dont understand why its in the gameRyze-Classic-Orig

Borderlands the pre sequel legendary weapon : Excalibastard


Excalibaster is a one of the many new legendary weapons that ca be found in borderlands the pre sequel. This gun is a laser rail gun with the cryo element. This gun has blade on it so your melee attack will hurt more and it has a state of 100% accuracy so where you point the shot will not move and hit its mark everytime. Excalibaster is one of the best guns for sniping do to its damage and accuracy. Excalibaster is hyperion so i you like hyperion weapons like me you’ll love this gun. This gun can only be gotten 1 time per character so dont loss it or sell it.

Unlike other weapons Excalibaster will level with you so if you get it at level one it will still be stronge when you hit level 50 making this gun useful for any play through. To get this gun you need only one thing. You need 2500 badass rank in order to grab Excalibastard. It can be gotten very early in the game in stanton’s liver. Look on the map for an area that is highlighted but not part of the main land. as easy as 2 jumps you can se the gun of lengend there waiting for you. This legendary is really stronge and easy to get so gettig it as soon as you can will make farming other legendary weapons easy and make true vault hunter mode a better time due to the level increase and harder bosses. Do not be afiar to get this weapon it will level and scale with its user. This weapon as i said is stronge and i dont think there is any other rail gun better than this. Get this weapon this is an easy way to carry yourself to level 50 and be able to farm up other gear till gear box lets us by dlc to get to levels 51 and over.

For farming item this boss can help you i will talk more about it later

Borderlands the pre sequel

Borderlands next newest instalment is the events that happen after borderlands one but befour borderlands 2. There are 4 new vault hunters to play as(with new dlc hunters coming) and the story revolves around the rise of jack the main antagonist from borderlands 2. The game still has a good sense of humor just like the order borderlands game and now the vault hunters have more to say during gameplay and story. This makes the game if you are about story more about you and feel diferent from other borderlands due to you see what remark your character has to say about this.
Gameplay is just like other borderlands tiltes but there is new an extra jump do to to a new mechanics. Player must have an O2 tank to let them explore the airless moon giving them if they use air an extra jump for combate and exploration. This does not take away from gameplay due to it being very easy to get to get more O2 to breath. Also when your in the air you can hold down c in order to do an aoe attack that can do elemental damage depending n what O2 tank you have. O2 doen’t get in the way o gameplay but lets get on to the vault hunters in this game.
dbcfdbd5b6bf0e34cd1f261b853ed4aa36fb925a The vault hunter i know the most is Athena do to my only time in that game was with her. Athena is a character that uses a shield to protect her from bullets her shield will store incoming fire and make her shield stronger. after about 10 sec Athena will throw her shield to the target you are looking at and hit them with everything stored in her shield. Athena skill tree lets her build in a one tree that gives her buffs when her shield is up, one tree that gives her regen when she hits somebody with a melee attack, and a tree that has her gain stacks and do elemental damage. This will be the only character i talk about there tree due to me not knowing the other trees. Wilhelm skill lets him put down 2 flying drones. One that heals you and one that flys around taking down foes. Im not sure if he gets to throw out but at once but i see him being able to. Next up we have Nisha who her skill lets her for a short time gives her aimbot. This her just spray and pray and clearing out rooms pretty fast. Lastly we have Claptrap who has a pretty cool skill. On use he gets a random effet ranging from old vault hunter skills and new effect like become a wizard or become a pirate ship shooting cannon balls at his foes. All these vault hunters seem to be pretty new skills making them feel new and i can only hope to see new and crazier skill from the next vault hunters that come in the next dlc.

new gun types.

new gun types.

There are even more weapons than befour new new gun types put in the game and a new element to place with. Laser weapons are now here and come in 4 types, rail gun which is like a sniper rifle that does a lot of damage but bad fire rate, beam which has a contuinous beam attacking your foes becoming harder to control the longer to hold it down, rifle type which is like a mini smg which can pretty useful do some have very good fire rate, and shotguns which are very closerange and inactuate.

Blogging with a purpose

“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say”
-F.Scott Fitzgerald

This quote is very true and i feel that i agree with this quote. This quote is saying that writes dont write because they have to or they need something out of it. Fitzgerald is saying the writers write because they want to express something like an idea or thought they had and i feel that this quote is true.

Something i have to write about is gaming. And i dont do this because i have to i do this to express and reflect on the games. This helps me reflect and think about tasks and builds in games i have chosen to do and helps me reach new goals in games do to me taken time to think oh how can i possible get better. You can take from my build and guides for your own but i write because i have something to say to myself and if you choose to listen to my words you may find yourself improved in your games do to my knowing of the meta and builds for games. I care for gaming and due to it being so close to me i wish to wrote about it for myself and i help a few people on the way even better