Soraka rework thoughts

With a few games under my belt i’ve played Soraka many times this pass week and i gotta say they did to good of a job with the new kit on soraka. In the support role her heals are the best in the game as of now. she can spam her heal now and keep everyone healthy. This heal may take away her health but in this row of support your health regen is really good thanks to the locket of the iron solari you will end up buying later in the game. Even without this item in laning your new q if you lane it on a amp heals you. This is a low mana cost and after a few shots it hurts. Every time a champ is hit soraka will get health back so she can win trades just by spamming her q. Her new e really make is really good. An aoe silence that can stun somebody that stays to long if hey are inside is to good. Soraka’s new passive makes her run up to people faster to get them better heals and get to them faster . This lets her play dangerously do to how good heals are when somebody is low on health and she gives them a great deal more. This heal as i said early is now spamable and at the cost of your life you can grant more healing to other really fast. When i play Soraka i feel as the medic from tf2. Soraka as a support could be one of the best now and may need a little tone down early game because all game she is really good. Now if Soraka is in a solo lane like mid she wil need to play safer, she will push lane hard and can get ganked really easy. She also cant heal herself with her old heal so all q really count in the mid or top lane. once your out of mana you should go back to base befour you become an easy kill. Overall the rework Soraka is very good. I think that Soraka is very top tier right now and can match nami heal and pealing for her team.


Corki guide

Corki is a mixed hybrid carry adc champion in league of legends. By hybrid i mean his damage is mix in that he does and scale of ad but mos f his spells do magic damage making hard to build against Corki. Corki’s passive lets him turn 10% of his max ad into true damage for his atuo attacks making him able to kill people like tanks pretty fast but isn’t a reason to skip off geting ad pen. Corki’s q scales of ad and ap but deals only magic damage. Corki throws out a small aoe bomb revealing hidden targets and doing good damage. This spell is very good in laning and harassing and with its short cd it goes hand and hand with a item called sheen which i will get into later for his build. Max his q first do it being your main attacking spell and being your harass tool in lane. Corki’s w is an escape that lts him dash away from a fight leaving a trail of fire doing tiny magic damage. This can let Corki go over terran and is a very long range escape to get in or out o fights latter in the game. I would max this skill second due to how good the escape is and its long cd that Corki needs to be lower to get in and out of fights. Corki’s e is an aoe cone of bullets that comes out of his ship letting do a little bit of aoe ad damage but mostly there to shred there armor. This skill should only be used when hes in fight for there is no reason not to have it no wasting your ana. Because of this skill’s trash damage there is no reason to max it first so max it last. Corki’s ult give corki 7 short range rockets that corki can stoe and use them as he pleases. These rockets be spammed

heimerdinger guide

Hiemerdinger is an ap mage mid laner the revoles around building turrets in order to push his lane and have lots of aoe in fights. His passive lets Hiemerdinger give himself and turrets and teamates tons of heath regen helping keep his team heathly. His q lets hiemerdinger place a turret down that will shot any who steps near it as long as Hiemerdinger doesn’t stay to far from them. H can have up to 3 up at a time and every 5 or so seconds the turret will make a shot that does more damage and goes though people. Inlaning this is your milk and butter as long as these turrents stay up you can controll the wave of minions and controll how hard or slow the wave is pushing. The turrets can also harm your laning foe who steps near making it hard for them to farm. Keep your distance but stay close to your turrets and you wil be safe. Because this tool is very good in laning max this first. His w lets Hiemerdinger shot some rockets that can be spred out or all targeting one person. These rockets will be your main harassing tool in lane and will help you keep control of mid. Rockets doont do the best damage so max it second. Your e is very important to land. Your e is a short range stun that lets stun(if you lane it) or slow(if there near it) your foe. This does little damage but can let you get away from a gank. hiemerdinger doesn’t have much mobility so this stun is very important to him and his great escapes. A cool trick you can do is when they get close to your turrets you throw your e to stun them and the your turret should stop farming and shot the foe. Then theres your ult which really has lots offers lots of utility for Hiemerdinger. IF he presses ult then q he places down a powered up turret that does more damage and has more range. If he ults then w he will throw out 8 rounds of his rockets that do more damage and offer him more power to poke and kill his foes. If he ults then e this is hit great escape. He gets a long range aoe slow/ stun that can be use to escape/ start a fight.

When i play Hiemerdinger i feel that unholy grail isn’t need duo to how little his spells cost but the cdr is always useful and very good when your fighting an ap mid laner. If your fighting an ad mid laner get Zhonya’s Hourglass for the armor and being able to make yourself safe from being killed by bringing them to your turrets and using the item. After these get a deathcap for the power spike in Hiemdinger giving him more damage and poke b4 fights. Then work on a void staff for that free magic pen. Then get a dfg for some more power and lastly get some type of defense item and ga or Banshee’s Veil

Annie guide(league of legends)

Annie is a mid lane mage with a huge auto attack range and uses fire and stuns to be able to harm her foes. Annie’s passive is every 4 spells the next spell you cast will cause the enemy to be stun from 1.25sec to 1.75sec stun(scales by Annie’s level). Annie’s q is a point and click ranged fire ball. This skill is good for harassing your laning opionate do to its long range and good flat damage. also Annie’s q is good for farming in the lane do to if she kills a unit like a minion the cd(cooldown) is halfed and mana cost refunded making farm very eazy for annie and getting her free stun eazier. Annie’s q is a cone shape skill shot that lets her to aoe damage to foes. This will also passive giving her very good cc for a fight being able to hurt and stun her foes. in laning you could use your q for the stun and then use you w to do some damage to your foe of when your foe goes to get cs then you w and then q. Annie’s e give her a shield that if people auto attack her they will take some magic damage back. also this spell grants Annie mr and armor based on her ap. This spell is a really low cost and there is no reason not to have this spell up when every you can. This also counts to Annie passive but will not take the stun away if you have it. If your’ll really good as Annie cast your q then mid flight press your passive up and your q will be able to stun the foe without even knowing. Annie’s ult is she summons her bear Tibbers and when he comes out he does aoe magic damage and can control her beat by telling it where to go. Tibber does aoe magic damage while he is out and can be use to tank tower for an easy dive. Tibber is what you want to use your stun with. First you get your stun ult, w, and q and if the target isn’t dead spam e to get your next stun and then get your q again to keep chasing and easy killing. Annie ult can also stun more than one foe while she stays back at a safe distance. She has no escape in lane but bring tons of power and stuns in fights. She is one of the few mages to do well again assainas do to her passive and e, but can be easily beaten with longer range mages that can easy use there spells to poke her.

I recomend to start the game off with dorans ring and 2 health pots for sustance. You dont need mana pots just q farm and harass when you can. Max q, then w, then e and ult whenever One your first back sart working on your rod of ages to get some sutstain in lane and get tank for the late game, then work on getting some damage with a deathcap and void staff. Then get Zhonya’s Hourglass (get this earier if your fighting an ad champ in laning insted of deathcap. Get a dfg for some nice cd and more damage. then end your build with a ga or Banshee’s Veil. I feel that annie is a very good champ with hard snowbaling powers and can control fights with her stuns and bear. She also has very good sustain in lane and can farm really easy under tower.

Azir Thoughts

Although i havent played Azir for myself what i can tell is that Azir is seems pretty balanced. Azir has a safe laning and some poke and harass, nothing that will dominate a lane but will keep him safe. Azir also doesn’t have any real burst early game and seems to need to build tanky items like rod of ages and a Nashor’s Tooth. Also he seems to need Liandry’s Torment and zhonya’s hourglass mid game to stay safe and be able to to start hurting. Azir seems t be very late game due o his power to make tower to help stop the foes from pushing and winning the game. also in a middle of a team fight he could use his tower to do a little more damage to foes. his escape can be predicted so is easy to chase. also he is very slow so almost anyone can run after him. Azir is a afe pick but against more Mobial cames may be able to hurt or dominate Azir.
Azir kit becomes very good late game having good disengaged from a fight and poke. If Azir is able to survive laning phase with farm he can be very good for late game team fights with the team. Azir is a pretty balanced champ from what i can tell and i think riot has mad good chice in this champ kit and play style

Terraria or Minecraft

Terraria and Minecraft are both very popular sandbox adventure games that both take a different spin on craft, build,and survive system that have put into other games. Both of these game have a little twist they have to offer over the other but today i will be taking about the games and saying which one i prefer at the end.

Minecraft is a 3d sandbox game about gathering resources and crafting them into gear that will break overtime. Minecraft has the core gameplay is to survive and build your home. Minecraft has a ton of crafting recipes that you have to remember do to the ame not giving any hints bout what does this item do. Minecraft has a hunger system that if you dont feed your player he wil starve and loss thing like heath regen, sprint, and there own life. Minecraft has the play go underground and get blocks like stone, coal, iron, gold and diamond. Weapons you can crft range from just swords and one bow. When playing survial in minecraft mobs spawn that the playing mustovercome like zombails, spider, skeletons, and creepers just to name a few. and these monsters dont always have th best ai. Minecraft is also has a farming system that playing can grow crops and livestock. Minecraft can also be played in a gamemode now as creative where the player plays as a god and cant die and can spwn anything he want so the player can build till he/she become tired of biulding. There is also multplayer in minecraft so you and friends an do pvp or pve together. there are alot of serveres that support minecraft with alot of players your bound to make friends and have fun. There are also mod for everything that if you become bored of the game you can make it look an play how you want it to. Minecraft is very versatile game and can meet almost anyone needs for a game.

Terraria is a 2d sandbox game about collecting resources and turning them into gear. Unlike Minecraft, Terraria has less need for building and more about adventuring thou the land looking for items. You can build but there are in game advents the could harm your home. There are aslo npc that sell goods that move in to the homes you make. There are to many enemies in the game. So many mobs you ca fight for loot ad so many weapons to choose from. You can just swords or axes which both have many types of item to choose from. there are staffs for summing friends in order to help you fight, there are guns, bows, rpg, to help you kill, and wands and staff that shoot magic to kill foes. There s a ton to exploro in loot. There is less mod support and servers for the game but single player doesn’t to boring or old. There is so much room for improvement in this game for your character.

Tldr. Minecraft fun with friends and terraria fun single player

Most hated champs in league of legends

Some champs in lol are just broken. There dueling is to stronge, they have to much cc, or they hae some bs passive that lets tem do crazy plays. League of legends seems to have a lot of these type of champs but these are the ones i hate the most in the game due the play systle i’ve created for myself.

5)Tristana: Tristana is a crazy good adc in league of legends. She is just the best adc in the game right now there is no reason not to ban her. She is easy to play, self peel fo herself, great escapes/ chasing, and get buffs for herself. If you are going to play adc why not play her. Her passive lets her slowly grow stronge as the game goes on granting her more attacking rang and once she hits level 18 she can kite crazy good. Tristana is slowly getting more play and soon she going to be an instand ban just like kassadin. The sad part is this isnt the only way to play trist. trist can be biuld ap to nuke anybody. All an ap tristana has to do is press dfg,w,e,r and w again to hop away. Her escape is just to real and somebody needs to do a little rework on that jump .

4)Jax: Jax was nerfed and made weeker but i still fear his power later. I wouldn’t say hes the best late game dueler but hes pretty good at what he does. being able to block an attack and jump onto people is pretty good. also the more he attacks the faster his attack speed is. all he needs is 2 items (tri and botrk) and then biuld tanky so he cant die. He doesn’t have an escape so once he is in a fight the only way he can get out is by winning.

3)Katerina: Katerina will always be stronge. the only way to nerf her is to give her mana or change her passive. Kat’s passive every time she gets a kill/assit her cooldowns on her spells are lowered by 15 so in a team fight if she is not cc she will just spam her spells getting kill after kill. Early game she can just spam her spells do to her having no mana. Kat’s spell also give her a lot of aoe in fights as well. Also with her escape is really good knowing that she can use her escape on minions and allies wards. She is a hard kat t catch ad te only way to stop her is to stun her in a fight.

2)Zed: Zed is dead to me. Zed is another champ with no mana but uses energy in order to harm his foes. Zed kit revolves around the face to kill his shadows in order to get close and kill his foes and then escape by teleporting to his shadows. there no way to stoop this champ once he get rolling. He’s to fast and has godlike dueling. This champ can snowball his lane so hard and do to his kit he cant even be ganked easy. If your in a 1v1 with zed get ready to buy cause your dead unless you know for sure you can last for your team can help you. Zed’s is one of the best dueler in the game but there is one better than him.

1)Yasuo: Yasuo needs to be nerfed. he only needs one item to win the game, static shiv. All this champ build is kit do to his q being able to crit and do crazy good damage. His w lets him be a hero and block projectile for a while and at max rank this wall is huge. His e lets him chase you down by dashing to any foe including minions and this spell has 0 cdr. Yasuo cant dash to the smae target till 8 seconds after he first dashed but his dash makes him hit harder by weaking the player armor. His assive gives him free crit chance and a shield for moving which is just silly but that isnt even the worse. If yasuo is able to q 2 times his q gets a projectile that if hit hits foes they get knocked up and he can press r to lock them up and do crazy good damage. He doesn’t even have t land his q if there is a champ that can knock up yasuo can ult off there knock up. Yasuo dueing is crazy with the just one item and synergy well with most team comps.