Obama Pushes ‘The Right Thing’ For Workers

Obama has called for a pay raise and pay equal in the u.s which will make every happy because more money = less problem U.S citizens have to deal with. Obama also wants to make so that both men and woman of the u.s both get paid the same amount. Last year Obama did call for a pay increase and this did happen last year. Obama is also trying to get more leave pay and overall is trying to give americans access to more money. In this tough economy because of inflation and in his last two years Obama is trying to close this game to help americans everywhere.


Death Penalty

In some states criminals may have to pay there life for the crime they have done. 1,188 people were executed in the US from 1977 through 2009. This is a lot but is this truly moral to make some one pay for a crime with there life? Murder, stealing, ect are all crimes but it is right to punish these people with death. If someone is murder wouldn’t you want to see the kill suffer as he or she had done to your love one. This helps grieving family cope or accept the fact about what has happen and fill that need for revenge. Also paying a crime with your life is scarer that living it out behind bars. Knowing that this could be the end stops other from doing crimes therefore the death penalty is ok.http://deathpenalty.procon.org

Pay Equity

For every dollar a man makes a woman in the same field makes 78 cents. The only difference in pay is because of the different genders. They could be working the same job at the same time do the same thing and the men will still get payed more and with o clear reason why. Almost half the workforce is made up equally men and woman and its unfair that men are paid more for no reason. Some fields are dominated by men like construction and science and could be the reason for this gap in pay.

Civil Dissonance

Civil Dissonance is the conflict that results from creating a government and laws that work against our very survival and self-interest and this is happening in the world we have created today. onanceThis create poverty by having less equal pay which causes a need for more social welfare programs. To fund these programs more higher taxes are made which causes more poverty and problems. WHile this is happening wages do not go up and inflation is happening which is making every dollar worth less. This cause more need for these social welfare programs because people can get enought money to live and cause this cycle of poverty what these laws are trying to prevent creating Civil Dissonance. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa-longo/civil-dissonance_b_6405070.html

West Virginia Chemical Spill, Some Signs of Safer Water

A year there was a chemical spill happen near Elk River near Charleston. Now a year later the water is looking safer as new regulations for chemical storage tanks have been made because to stop or limited another one of these spills happening making unsafe water. Inspection currently show in west virginia finding that about 1,100 tanks did not meet the new requirements showing how this pollution may still happen harming the environment. More laws should be put in order to protect the environment to stop other spills from happing.http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2015/01/150109-west-virginia-chemical-spill-water-quality-regulations-environment/

Bootleg liquor kills in India.

Many victims suffered from this liquor after going to watch a cricket Sunday evening. 28 people have died from drinking this and 160 had to be hospitalized. Police raided the man who sold this liquor and the raid found lots of chemicals that need further testing. This drink was homemade and was sold at a very cheap price. Deaths from drinking illegally brewed alcohol are common in India because the poor cannot afford licensed liquor. “drive will be launched against those involved in the illicit liquor trade.” said Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav so this may stop may deaths in india but this is a really problem as many are being poisoned and this is very harmful to the people who live here

Spain protest for better hepatitis C treatment

MAny in spain suffer from hepatitis C and need better treatment. This is a very deadly liver disease and the treatment people can get cost a $1000. 3 million people suffer from this and most cant buy this treatment. There is no know cure and people in spain now protest because they need better care for many that suffer from this. This drug has a 95% of helping cure people who suffer from this and more want access to this $1000 pill that can help change the lives of these people.